Charlotte, NC, United States


Nicole Sellars

My name is Nicole Sellars and I am a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist and a Licensed Esthetician.  I specialize in bodywork for people who suffer from Headaches, Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain.  As body, mind and spirit are all connected, I beleive that through massage and bodywork, I am able to help bring your body back to a balanced state.  Emotional and physical exhaustion greatly contributes to how our body physically compensates.  Working on the physical allows our mind to let go and our body to heal.

When your body is out of alignment, or in a constant state of stress, many other things in your life follow.  With that you can experience fatigue, migraines, shoulder, neck and back pain and even insomnia.   With regular massage and bodywork, your body is able to make the connection it needs in order to release this tension and pain.  

As a Licensed Esthetician I specialize in Anti-Aging skincare.  From teenage years and beyond it is so important to take care of your skin on your face and body.  From a very young age I was always interested in skincare and it became apparent for me to become an Esthetician after I suffered from Adult Acne at the age of 26.  At that point I realzied that I needed to learn how to take care of my skin in the "right" way.   I specialize in custom skincare regimens to treat your ever changing skin, be it age, acne, fine lines, or hormones.  I have the latest skincare treatments to treat all of your concerns. I have found that having a connection with our skin is much the same as bodywork.  I am here to help you with my expertise and encourage you to see skincare as another part of your commitment to yourself to be whole......body, mind and spirit.